The Hole, Lurgashall, West Sussex

The Grade II listed detached cottage set in an area known as “The Hole” in the West Sussex village of Lurgashall is also named The Hole, being at the bottom of a small valley with a stream passing through.

The three bedroom cottage had been relatively untouched for a considerable time when our clients purchased it as a home for their growing family. They not only needed more space, but a more family friendly house, not just inside, but also outside where the valley sides sloped up alarmingly and down which rainwater regularly discharged in great quantities.

After lengthy negotiations with the local planning authority, given the sensitive nature of the building and its setting, proposals were approved that comprised substantial earthworks to cut back the slope, retaining and draining it to create a flat and usable external terrace to the rear of the cottage, restoration of the existing and replacement of inappropriate additions and the construction of two extensions, single and two storey.

The solution provided a good size four bedroom family house, with some quirky elements given its history, including the discovery of a small cellar that was reopened and accessed form inside the house. In addition an oak cart barn double garage was built with studio space over.