Barfold, Roundhurst, West Sussex

Grade II listed Barfold was two semi-detached farm cottages dating form the 17th century opened into a single dwelling. The house is set at the top of rolling hills with spectacularly elevated views across the countryside and had a number of other small buildings of a similar age very adjacent.

The practice has worked on the property and its now greatly expanded boundaries for over fifteen years. The house previously of around 250m2 and four bedrooms, is now 720m2 and with six bedrooms, underground parking and expansive living spaces.

Given the open space, the slope, other closely related but smaller buildings and the spectacular views, long and careful negotiations with the planning authority brought agreement to linking the smaller buildings to the existing dwelling and significantly enlarging those buildings to create a significant house.

The solution is a heavily articulated plan that steps down the slope by some four metres in total, following the profile of the hill. The design, detail and materials reflect the historic building and the sensitive rural setting most successfully, all bound together by a new informal landscape with decks and terraces.